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Investing can do more for you than create more money.

A common axiom about money is that it exists in order to transform the quality of our lifestyles. While this aspect is true to a point, it’s not the only way to view wealth. When we reframe, channel, and invest with intention, we can transform our money into something much more rewarding than material worth.

Conscious Wealth® is a mindset around money that re-establishes what being wealthy means, personally and professionally. Through a purpose-driven framework, Conscious Wealth enables individuals, families, and communities to focus on what matters: a life of growth and fulfillment. From this place, prosperity can invigorate abundance, healing, and connection in all aspects of life — while fostering unity and compassion.

Ready for a new way to invest? Let’s talk. We’re ready to help you do more with your money so you invest with purpose.

About us

At Hatton Investments, we’re a team of financial professionals who believe in the power of intention — and how wealth management can be a tool for good.

From our perspective, true wealth is about finding meaning in your life and being able to share this abundance with your family and communities. After working at larger firms, we realized that people need a better way to manage money that prioritizes their values, rather than simply make more money. So, we designed a new approach to investing that answers this call, Conscious Wealth® Management.

We believe a better way is not only possible — it’s necessary in order for people and their communities to thrive. We’ve also seen how constructive wealth can be when all family members are engaged and living in harmony with an aligned vision. Our goal is to help you create this foundation and invest with purpose, so you remove what exhausts you and infuse what fulfills you.

Hatton Investments is founded by Brandon Hatton, an investment advisor dedicated to helping his clients live abundant, intentional lives. He’s also the author of Conscious Wealth: Money, Investing, and a Financial Awakening for the Person Who Has it All.

Discover the difference of Conscious Wealth®

“When you know how much wealth is ‘enough’ and the impact you want to make in this world, then that reality becomes your benchmark. Hone-in on that number, and let go of the rest. Yes, you are the benchmark!”


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Your money is about more than a lifestyle — it defines the quality of the life you live, for yourself, your family, and your community.

Contact us today and make your money matter. Together, we’ll help you invest with purpose so you live from a place of unity and abundance.

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